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We're proud to announce that our Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope strategies will be written hand-in-hand with the players at Echo, currently the World First guild and comprised of multi-World First and MDI winners.

We hope to create some of the very best content for the community and offer a fantastic help to you and your guild for the next raid !
What We Do

Raid Boss Strategies

Understand each boss’ strategy in a highly efficient and summarized way. Visualize in a few seconds everything you need to know.
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Catalog Of Resources

Improve your gameplay with selected Weak Auras & Addons, learn about the best streamers of your class, and checkout our content recommendations.
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Raid Boss Strategies

Learn Strategies In No Time

  • - Each fight is summarized by role
  • - Each ability is explained by short GIFs, edited & straight to the point

Progress on Bosses Faster

  • - Animated fight recap for each fight
  • - Unique presentation feature for Raid Leaders to explain the fights to their raid

Find The Best Resources

  • - Most useful WeakAuras
  • - Video strategy explanation
  • - Selected kill videos
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Improve your gameplay with our selected list of WeakAuras & Addons, curated & presented in a simple and digestible way.
Learn from the greatest players & stay up to date. We’ve looked for the best & active players for each spec, engaged with their community, and search for who we think are the most valuable Youtube channels out there.
About Us
Who We Are
We’re a team of passionate players, gathered in a EU guild Raid Trap on Kirin Tor, progressing Mythic 3 days a week.
We love high quality and beautiful products. We hope to describe and help in an innovative and highly efficient ways, on topics we think can be done better.
Feel free to come talk to us on our Discord, or join the guild if you’re a French raider looking for a highly stupid bunch of adults playing video games.
What We’re Building
We’re hoping to build a community based website, with contributions from as many players as possible.
We’re also helping to promote any form of high quality content, be it on Twitch, Youtube, or any other website. Our incentive is not at all to make the most popular WoW website, but to offer quality content to improve our community as a whole.,
The beginning of the expansion has been mostly around prototyping new forms of content and setting up the IT part of the website, and we’re going to be looking for help in the future in translation, content creation and feedback !
Our Roadmap
We’re going to be covering upcoming raids and updating the dungeon pages with every new content.
We’re also aiming at covering any aspects that we feel is still a struggle for players, or could profit from having lights put on.