Yumy stream icon
Multi-spec healer player, pushing some of the highest keys of the season with every tier, displaying some of the best gameplay as a Discipline priest, Yumy is making himself a big name in the M+ healer community through his performances and his Youtube channel, week after week offering some highly valuable tips.
He's a great host on Twitch, spending a lot of time with his community and the chat, in an atmosphere casual and funny, answering questions from its viewers.
If you're trying to progress as a healer, again, make sure to checkout his previously mentioned Youtube channel as it offers some of the best healer content out there.
AutomaticJak stream icon
MDI and Race to World First host, writer for Wowhead, playing for one of the very best US Raiding guild (Lazarus Imperative) and frequently ranking as one of the best disc priest with every season, Jak is a World of Warcraft & Priest community figure for sure.
His streams are highly entertaining, his 'host' nature is a blast, offering a vivid presence and brilliantly interacting with his community on the chat.
Jak also has a Youtube channel where he uploads guides around the Priest class and its two healing specs.
Moadmoad stream icon
Dominating the Heal Priest ranking since BFA's Season 3, MDI competitor and multiple times Gladiator, Moadmoad might just be the most accomplished M+ Priest out there. His expertise of the spec in dungeons has been an inspiration for many priests there.
It's always impressive to see him push world first level keys with a spec considered outside the M+ meta for so long now, and not only do just fine, but brilliantly.
Very focused on stream while playing super high key levels, he's nonetheless trying to answer as many questions as he can between the runs.
Chawius stream icon
New and going strong in M+ pushing in Shadowlands, ranking in the top Shadow Priest, Chawius is also new to streaming and building up his presence.
As with most M+ pushers, he's usually active with the chat in-between keys, answering any kind of questions, around the dungeons, the spec or anything else.