This list is curated based two main criterias:
- Performance & highest keys
- The host's communication & interaction with his viewers
Ellesmere stream icon
Creator of WingIsUp, one of the very best resource around Holy Paladin, frequently #1 Holy Pal EU/US, healer at Mindwinter, one of the finest US Raiding guild, Ellesmere through his focus on Holy Paladin is likely the most knowledgeable player for this spec out there.
Pushing some of the highest keys with his group on stream, he will usually answer questions asked on the chat between the keys.
His Youtube Channel also has a lot of guides and commented key runs, so be sure to check it out if you're going for Holy Paladin.
Zmok stream icon
M+ legendary multi-spec healer, MDI Competitor, Zmok is a very familiar figure in the M+ community. Accustomed to the podium on his main spec healer with each season, he's everytime a great source of inspiration.
His streams are very chill, funny and friendly, Zmok being a great host & nice person. He's answering a lot of chat questions, offering tips to its viewers.
Naowh stream icon
2019 and 2020 MDI Winner, several time World First Raider, Naowh is one of the most accomplished Tank players out here.
Season after season, this Swedish lad performs at the top of the ladder, and is a source of knowledge for all his viewers.
Friendly and open, his streams are frequently hilarious thanks to a healthy mindset and the alchemy with his teammates at Echo.
Naowh also features a Youtube channel covering M+ tips & thoughts around the meta as well as some of his previous M+ high keys runs.
Naguura stream icon
MDI caster, Hall of Fames raider, one of the best Boomkin in Europe and in the World, former Method Raider, Naguura is a hell of a player.
Her streams are entertaining, funny and chill. She is very active with her chat her community, trying to answer most of the questions there, and is one of the rising stars of the recent years on Twitch.
Naguura also has a Youtube channel where you will find tips on most aspects of the game, commentary of her gameplay in the high keys she did as Boomkin.
Drjay stream icon
Simultaneously MDI, Mage and M+ Legend, with multiple #1 rank Mage titles over the years, Drjay has been a steady figure of the Mythic+ scene.
With a lot of humor and a chill atmosphere, his streams will feature some of the highest keys of the season, and some more curious gameplay, like Drjay playing two characters simultaneously on +20 key.
Tune it and ask any question about mage, this man might very well have all the answers.
Moadmoad stream icon
Dominating the Heal Priest ranking since BFA's Season 3, MDI competitor and multiple times Gladiator, Moadmoad might just be the most accomplished M+ Priest out there. His expertise of the spec in dungeons has been an inspiration for many priests there.
It's always impressive to see him push world first level keys with a spec considered outside the M+ meta for so long now, and not only do just fine, but brilliantly.
Very focused on stream while playing super high key levels, he's nonetheless trying to answer as many questions as he can between the runs.
Yumy stream icon
Multi-spec healer player, pushing some of the highest keys of the season with every tier, displaying some of the best gameplay as a Discipline priest, Yumy is making himself a big name in the M+ healer community through his performances and his Youtube channel, week after week offering some highly valuable tips.
He's a great host on Twitch, spending a lot of time with his community and the chat, in an atmosphere casual and funny, answering questions from its viewers.
If you're trying to progress as a healer, again, make sure to checkout his previously mentioned Youtube channel as it offers some of the best healer content out there.
Gingi stream icon
2019 and 2020 MDI Winner, several time World First Raider with Echo, Gingi is one of the most accomplished DPS players out here.
Capable of playing at the top level any DPS spec, the "Stiefbruddah" currently plays his Hunter on retail at Echo.
His streams are frequently hilarious since his alchemy with Naowh and his team is simply brilliant. If you're looking to see the backstage of one of the best dungeon team in history, look no further.
His Youtube channel features most of his best runs and accomplishment for those curious.
Jdotb stream icon
Several times MDI Finalist, legendary healer of former Method NA and current healer for Golden Guardian, Jdotb is probably the most emblematic restoration Druid out there.
His famous opened-shirt style on Stream goes side by side with a very open, friendly, chill and humble person, featuring some of the best healing gameplay and highest keys in the game.
He truly is one of the most knowledgeable Resto druid around, and has been a major source of inspiration for many players over the years.
Sjeletyven stream icon
MDI Competitor, #1 World Warlock in BFA Season 3 and competing for the gold medal each season, DPS in the #3 World raiding guild Pieces and legendary name in the Warlock community, Sjele might be the most experience M+ Warlock out there.
On stream, when he's not focused on pushing some of the highest keys of the season, he's gladly answering questions asked on the chat, or composing tunes with his guitar.
Tettles stream icon
Titanforge Podcast host, MDI, Race to World First caster, high keys pusher and active anti Boomkin nerf militant, Tettles is a fantastic player, host and entertainer.
On his Twitch channel, you'll find a very engaged streamer, actively answering his chat while offering many kind of high level content.
Checkout his Youtube channel, the Titanforge Podcast is already an institution in M+ push world and a gigantic source of information, and Tettles also frequently releases valuable piece of contents on top.