Naowh stream icon
As a 2019 and 2020 MDI Winner, and several time World First Raider, Naowh is one of the most accomplished Tank players out there.
Season after season, this Swedish lad performs at the top of the ladder and is a source of knowledge for all of his viewers.
Friendly and open, his streams are hilarious thanks to a healthy mindset and the chemistry with his teammates in Echo.
Naowh also maintains a YouTube channel covering M+ tips and thoughts around the meta, as well as some footage of his previous M+ high keys runs.
NerfTank stream icon
Scoring Spring 2019 MDI Champion, 2nd place BlizzCon MDI, and frequently ranking in the world top 3 tanks at the end of the seasons, NerfTank is also a heavyweight in the M+ Tanks category.
Fellow friend of Asuna and Ellesmere, his streams feature some of the best gameplay out there.
His YouTube channel sometimes offers some commentary on high keys, providing valuable information about top-level strategies.
Fem stream icon
The main tank for Method, and season after season world top 5 tank, is none other than Fem.
Always smiling, funny, and entertaining, Fem is always engaged and communicating with his chat community. He's a beacon of joy and good moods.
Caster at times, this Swedish player is also a recognized source of knowledge in the M+ scene.
Quazii stream icon
Slightly more casual and entertaining, Quazii is a very accessible and friendly host.
He commonly pushes keys around +20 by the end of each season, and gladly goes over the different strategies on stream.
Don't forget to checkout his YouTube channel for commented replays of his runs and opinion pieces on the latests news.
Jedith stream icon
Our only non-tank DH stream comes from the fantastic Canada land! Jedith is, as you can expect, a very friendly and chill host, mostly focusing on M+ and Raid content. For Shadowlands' second Season, he is looking into pushing his performances to the next level, with likely high key runs and hopefully Hall of Fame raiding performances. If you play Havoc DH yourself, don't miss his YouTube channel which is full of good DH resources for M+ and Raid !