Gingi stream icon
2019 and 2020 MDI Winner, several time World First Raider with Echo, Gingi is one of the most accomplished DPS players out here.
Capable of playing at the top level any DPS spec, the "Stiefbruddah" currently plays his Hunter on retail at Echo.
His streams are frequently hilarious since his alchemy with Naowh and his team is simply brilliant. If you're looking to see the backstage of one of the best dungeon team in history, look no further.
His Youtube channel features most of his best runs and accomplishment for those curious.
Ramfamz stream icon
Frequently part of the World top 5 players of his spec in Raider.IO score, and MDI competitor, Ramfamz is an extraordinary DPS player. He mostly focuses on his Rogue and Hunter characters.
Humble and friendly, he's very approachable on his streams, answering every question and trying to point viewers in the right direction. He mostly streams M+ key pushing.
Fragnance stream icon
As a fellow raider and teammate of Gingi, Fragnance is also one of the 2019 and 2020 MDI Winner, several time World First Raider with Echo, and one of the most accomplished players out here.
His streams should feature for Shadowlands some of the highest keys to be played, as well as MDI practice time.
Outside the dungeons run where he's very focused, feel free to tune in the chat and ask your questions, since this MDI winner also is a humble and friendly face, casually chatting with his community.
YoDaTV stream icon
MDI Spring Champion and several times MDI finalist, DPS during World First race at Pieces and frequently in the top 3 players en of season, YoDa is a WoW legend, while also competing at the highest level on multiple other games.
His streams are fairly focused on the content he plays, with the voice available to everyone.
Moofzy stream icon
Hunter Guru on the hunter class Discord, caster in many WoW Esport events, mastermind behind a lot of the Simulation Craft Hunter mathematics (those things Raidbots and other simming platforms), Hall of Fames Mythic Raider and high M+ keys pusher, Moofzy is a well known figure of the hunter community.
His very friendly, kind and attentive attitude creates a mature stream, filled with Hunter class veterans, where he answers questions and interact on the latest theorycraft topics as well as giving advice on the most advanced details of the spec and playing some big keys.