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Multi Purpose
    Raid Ability Timeline - Jodsderechte example image.
    Raid Ability Timeline - Jodsderechte
    Turn your BossMod addon timers into a vertical stacked timeline, for those who prefer this display.
Mythic Plus
    Dragonflight-Dungeons - Causese example image.
    Dragonflight-Dungeons - Causese
    Your standard "BossMod" WeakAura, letting you know when boss or trash abilities are happening.

    Pair it with Causese's sound library if you want voice alerts on top.
    Spell Icon on Targets - Buds example image.
    Spell Icon on Targets - Buds
    When a mob casts an ability on a party member, the spell icon is displayed in the group frame. You can more quickly assist that player if needed.
    Cast Target on Nameplate - Causese example image.
    Cast Target on Nameplate - Causese
    When a mob casts an ability, this weakaura displays the target of the spell on the mob's nameplate.
    Automarker - Megawatt
    Automatically applies a mark on the mobs in a pull, making it easier to call for CC or interrupts.
    Focus Cast Bar Alerter - Cistara example image.
    Focus Cast Bar Alerter - Cistara
    A focus WeakAura cast bar that also plays a sound when your focus casts a spell.
    !keys automatic responder - AlwaysBeConvoking
    When an ally inputs '!keys' in a chat, this WeakAura automatically answers the key you have in your bag and its level.
    Thundering Tracker - Sune example image.
    Thundering Tracker - Sune
    Thundering should occur about every 45 seconds. You'll have 15 seconds to get close to an ally of the same polarity to remove the 15% damage buff. Wait for the last 3 seconds. If it expires, you're stunned and likely to die.